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CoolSculpting will shape your shape and here's how

Runners have thin arms, swimmers have big shoulders, but sometimes it's tough to know how exercise is going to translate into health for all your body parts, and ultimately end up with the right weight reduction and body shaping while maintaining healthy bones, breasts and waist. Both are possible, but some fine tuning may be necessary. Your Hada CoolSculpting plan can help shape those places neither of those exercises address for instance slimming the underarm fat and tightening the skin that exercise alone won’t fix. For those wanting a treatment to transformation the results can be dramatic.

Exercise benefits are many, but not always to what you want to change about your shape. Your WHP Health Practice providers exercise goal for you is to maintain enough exercise to be vigorous, have better cardiovascular health, to lessen risks of strokes and blood clots, to think better, to sleep, to have better sex, to feel better, keep your weight in the healthiest range it can be, and finally perhaps to look better! Then we can consult regarding the fine tuning that is the real game changer that can get you the shape you have targeted all along. While all those benefits can be obtained, for long term sustaining of those benefits you have to look at exactly the relationship between exercise and nutrition to realize the weight loss and body shaping benefits.

1. Beautify how you look in your shirt! Breast health with exercise means wear enough support to prevent jostling, and enough padding to prevent bruising. CoolSculping bra fat actually helps the bras fit better. For guys, we can treat man boobs.

2. Exercisers can paradoxically gain weight as you know. Weight loss is not going to be possible if you balance that extra energy expenditure against calorie intake because you are hungrier. Daily some of our dieters are struggling without progress and are looking to lose weight better. How the hormones of fat contribute to hunger drive is something we study every day. Addressing unwanted fat can help address unwanted hormone triggers to overeating. Studies of CoolSculpting show after treatment there is a drive to watch those hidden calories when cooking, shopping, out to dinner, or snacking. For those trying to lose weight, you still have to cut your calories when you exercise unless you dramatically increase your exercise.

3. Vitamin recommendations when participating in CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting patients don’t need specific vitamin therapy, but if you are dieting heavily or leaning towards a high protein diet consider need for various supplements, including calcium and vitamin D. Bone health can be tricky during any diet, but specifically if you are trying a very low calorie approach. Diets heavily leaning towards severe calorie restrictions and too much protein have been associated with bone losses of up to 10%, that may be difficult to regain if you have to keep your calories low. Get a consultation, sometimes bone turnover can be determined with testing at WHP Health we use NutraEval testing.

4. Some overall weight changes can have to do with the body composition. Fat weighs less than muscle, which is why CoolSculpting away significant amounts of fat does specifically cause small amounts of weight loss. If you are not losing on the scale, but your clothing is fitting better you can possibly be gaining muscle faster than you are loosing fat. You can miss estimate how much body fat you have if you are just judging by your look, or your outfits or even with over the counter pinch tests. Only accurate measurements of your fat and muscle mass will tell you that, and if you go by the scale or inaccurate measurements you may have been just plain dehydrated when you weighed?

5. Here's how to know you are improving your body composition. The type of exercise you do will affect if you are actually able to make the changes mentioned above, so you may have to switch up the routine. If you want to add muscle you have to do some resistance training. CoolSculpting will slightly tip the scale to better muscle to fat ratio. At WHP Health we can test you with DXA.

6. Slim your thighs too. Are you body shaping, when it comes to the last few pounds Coolsculpting may help achieve six-pack definition and slimmer thighs if genetically you always keep a few pounds there.

7. CoolSculpting gets skin care. CoolSculpting is approved for skin tightening in the chin area, but it will tighten in other areas of the body. Skin tightening will naturally occur in areas of weight loss over time, but it’s important to remember you do need to exercise all of your body to get the best benefits. Do you ever switch up your exercise routine so that you’re getting the most benefit, like everything else, once we get used to a routine we probably are able to accomplish it more efficiently, but in this case efficiently means with fewer calories being burned. Other skin tightening regimens with radiofrequency treatments are available.

8. How CoolSculpting and Weight Loss Differ. Weight loss is difficult through exercise alone as we just mentioned. Many people overestimate calories burned during exercise and underestimate their calories consumed. Weight loss comes down to burning more calories than you consume. One pound of fat contains 3500 calories for some, but 4000 calories for others To lose one pound, one must burn 3500 (4000) more calories than consumed. That means cutting at least 500 calories per day to lose one pound per week. Be patient! If weight loss is your goal, recognize the weight loss probably won’t come off with exercise alone. Try keeping a food diary to keep track of what goes in, it may surprise you! However, as a side note, aerobic exercise will help weight loss more efficiently than resistance training. CoolSculpting works by different mechanisms than when you lose fat to weight loss, and the effects are consistent from person to person and doesn’t depend on your metabolism. We measure success in inches and percent of fat loss in the treated areas. one treatment can help you lose 20-25% in an area, subsequent treatments can address up to 40% of fat loss in an area. Ten year data indicates the removed fat cells do not return.

9. CoolSclupting, with the proper diet and exercise, can help you address gait and posture issues by redistribution of your body contour! Running can be hard on joints especially knees. Make sure you have good technique with a smooth gait, proper shoes with a good sole, and during the day good posture, to the extent that your posture improves when you CoolSculpt your midline, your gait can improve as well. For better posture and strength, work with your coach or personal trainer. At Hatha Yoga and Fitness we have trainers who can help you.

10. CoolSculpting uses the patented monitoring system through standard assessments. Use measurements as much as the scale. In CoolSculpting we use these standard view pictures. Healthy weight means healthy waist to hip ratios. We all know that muscle weighs more than fat. Even though the scale may show a higher number, building muscle increases metabolism, so you burn more calories throughout the day. If you would like to see more results with weight loss, continue strengthening exercises to build muscle while increasing your aerobic exercise to burn more calories.

11. Arm treatment, with the proper CoolSculpting Head. Resistance training alone will not firm underarms but there are treatments that can work such as the Venus Legacy, the CoolSculpting, PelleFirm Body Treatment at Hada Cosmetic Medicine.

12. We can test the hormones of fat (leptin etc) after getting CoolSculpting. We can not measure the success of our exercise program through the results seen on the bathroom scales. Don’t let the scale dictate how good you feel about exercising. If you are looking for additional measurements of success, ask you doctor about testing body fat composition, as well as blood pressure, blood sugar, your cholesterol, and your pulse rate. The functional vitamin, amino acid, and fat levels can also help determine your health. We do not expect CoolSculpting to change your labwork, so you can still get any lab testing as you would plan to routinely. Recent studies with cholesterol levels shows no change. The gradual fat cell removal is very safe and healthy in that way. You may have lots of health benefits of exercise beyond your bathroom scale. You may be gaining weight but decreasing fat! You therefore may also measure your success in inches lost. Don’t be too hard on yourself and stay objective about the changes in your body and the benefits exercising has on your bone density, cardiovascular system, mood, and body composition.

13. There are always ways to fight keeping your beautiful new CoolSculpting contours. Our bodies become more efficient at a particular activity the more we do it. This may mean the same activity will burn fewer calories after your body has adapted to it. Try switching up your routine to continue gain fitness, lose weight, and keep your exercise regimen fun. We have time to talk to you while you do CoolSculpting we can discuss! An extra reason to do CS with us!

14. With both CoolSculpting and Exercise overall goals take planning and can be much more successful with health care providers that can. We like to make a plan for goals over a 3,6, and 12 month period of time. Like with exercising, you can’t be in shape for a race over a weekend or a week or really even a month. So help planning for events is part of what we do! These health plans Guidelines vary the 2008 Federal Guidelines for exercise is at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity. The Institute of Medicine suggests 60 minutes a day which is 420 minutes per week of moderate-intensity activity is the only way to prevent obesity! Harvard School of Medicine broke the tie with a 2010 JAMA publication stating that while the Feds are on the right track to prevent chronic diseases, ,the IOM guidelines were best for weight control.

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