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The cancer screening test you have not had

It's snowing here and I'm making lists of what I have to do, maybe you are too. But on your list are you including cancer screening tests? Would you even know what test to ask for at your next visit?

CDC says that too few cancer screening tests are being done.

The cancer screening tests you need depend on a lot of factors, but one thing is for sure, you need a gyno visit to discuss.

It's not possible to just feel well and know that you are well, that's why screening tests are developed, they detect disease that is not yet seen, felt, or impacting your health.

Some tests are done on blood, some on pap smear swabs, some on poop, and even some done by more advanced tests like ultrasounds.

Most cancer screening tests have to be repeated periodically, and even when to repeat a test is something that should be discussed.

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