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10 Questions to ask yourself before planning your new workout plan

1. How would you gauge your current shape? Best of your life? Worst of your life?

2. What hurts? Do you actually have an injury or just really out of shape.

3. Have you had a routine physical check up?

4. Are you anemic?

5. Do you like to workout?

6. How much time do you waste in your day that could be devoted to working out?

7. What equipment do you own?

8. What have you never done in a workout that you want to try?

9. What medicines are you on? Some medicines you have to take there is no alternative, but do you know there are some medicines that make you perform less well in the gym ad may be able to be altered.

10. What is the one thing you want to change about your body if you could through exercise?

Ask and answer these simple questions; then plan your new year's fitness revolution!

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