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Read to reset your metabolism do this

Your metabolism will vary with your diet, your activity, your stress levels and your hormones. Medications, herbals, gut inflammation will all affect this. The best way to plan to reset your metabolism is to come in for testing, however, in some young healthy individuals we can do minimal testing before trying to reset your metabolism in this new way of thinking.

The average diet has raises insulin, raised blood factors associated with aging and chronic stress including Insulin Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), mTOR, and PKA. Fasting Mimicking Diets restrict protein and mildly restrict calories, in specific ratios of low glycemic index foods to trigger natural body rejuvenation.

We still need to hydrate, keep our basic chemistry in balance, and have enough energy to function in our modern day to day lives. If you are on medications you should consult your physician before undertaking any radical or prolonged diets, but there are a few strategies that can be employed almost universally.

Strategies for resetting your metabolism are varied, but doing this for 5 days out of a month, up to 3 months (out of a calendar year if anti-aging, and for weight loss you may want to be a bit more frequent) and has been showing to be very effective.

Done properly about 94% of those who have tried these eating strategies can stick with it. You may continue this plan for up to 12 months is recommended. Here’s why fasting intermittently, or eating in a way to mimic the health effects of fasting can be very good for us:

Fasting triggers our body to conserves cell energy

Fasting will trigger the cell to go into maintenance and protection state

Fasting will activate stress resistance

Fasting will increase the removal of damaged cells

Fasting will increase replacement of damaged cells

Fasting increases the function of the immune system

Fast will trigger our natural stem cell activity

Fasting in animal populations specifically has triggered protection against coronary artery disease

Fasting in animals improves brain pathways and appears to improve cognitive function

Fasting will reduce all inflammation and decrease inflammation such as cytokines and peptides in our system

The Fasting Mimicking Diets will reduce fat while preserve your muscle

The Fasting Mimicking Diets will reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure

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