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Do You Need ThermiVa?

Top reasons women select RF treatment with ThermiVa: are urine leakage, difficulty achieving orgasms and dryness.

Tightening weakened pelvic floor muscles, improvement of sex, and longer term prevention of pelvic floor issues are also reasons women select the ThermiVa, meaning that virtually all women could benefit and may want to discuss alternatives to accomplish these goals.

The treatment improves the muscles by heat delivered by an S-shaped handpiece, which is comfortable and warming.Three sessions are done to tighten the tissues of the vulva, the vagina, and the pelvic floor through a customized therapy via energy delivered by an RF-powered heat-sensitive tip.

The treatment of external labia improves appearance as well as tightening. The treatment inside the vagina to reduce laxity, prolapse and incontinence.

The probe applied to the clitoral area, helps orgasm by improving nerve sensitivity and sexual response.

ThermiVa is in the United States an FDA-cleared procedure for dermatological and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis. In addition, the device has been FDA-approved for dermatologic conditions, such as skin laxity and dry or thin skin; as well as for surgery and surgical nerve ablation. In Europe, ThermiVa has obtained a CE Mark for vulvovaginal laxity or for treatment of loose tissues of the vulva and vagina.

Weakening tissues from a vaginal birth or years of straining with lifting or straining, while theoretically natural, can produce a variety of symptoms from mild, including decreased tightness with sex, to more severe such as chronic bladder infections, leaking urine, stool or even painful sex. Vaginal, pelvic, and vulvar muscles and ligaments thin and weaken, the supporting structures also stretch and tear, and the surface tissues that produce moisture can thin over time as well. All of these concerns can be treated, and you can maintain lifelong vaginal health.

Preserving vaginal, bladder, and bowel health can be done naturally, and in a healthy way with a customized program at Women’s Health Practice.

ThermiVa treatment protocols have been proven very safe with no serious adverse events in 103,000, meaning the risks are extremely minimal.

Painless and relatively quick office treatment requires no special preparation or downtime. Clients can feel warmth during the procedure, or a tingling feeling in the vagina for a day or two after the procedure. Women can exercise or have sex the day of their procedure, should they choose to.

Vaginal laser procedures, which penetrate much more superficial, have other benefits and may be sufficient for some cases. The MonaLisa Touch procedure is also an FDA cleared device that can be used in the vaginal and vulvar area.

Treatment success from ThermiVa, MonaLisa, or Pelvic floor therapies can be maximized with customized plans, appropriate hormonal balance, gynecologic health, and other strategies at Women’s Health Practice and Hada Cosmetic Medicine.


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