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Sensible approach to stretch marks

Skin can form stretch marks in response to growth. The medical term for these is stria. The growth can be normal progression of youth height, or the normal growth of a pregnant uterus, or in response to weight changes. Thanks to knowledge about stretch marks they can not always be prevented, however they can be very successfully treated.

1. First, come and get a check up, what is really going on with your skin? We do like to think about how they got there, and your overall nutritional health and wellness. For some they came with youth, and with some it's related to weight changes, like in pregnancy. Genetics mostly is why some of us get stretch marks, but pace and amount of weight gain is part of why some women get these and others do not. The number of pregnancies, the amount of fluid, the physical pressures all contribute to stretchmarks as you grow for the 9 months. Do you currently have any skin conditions or hormonal conditions that are making the appearance worse or putting you at risk to get more stretch marks? But the care you gave your abdomen will affect it as well.

2. Did you try creams and we can help you determine what creams are best? Some creams have been shown to work better than others, but whether there's one most effective skin cream, we're still testing.

3. Sleep and stress have some part as well. definitely poor nutrition is not good for the skin.

4. Stria are essentially stretched skin from collagen shrinking and contracting in the stripped area. To improve the area you need to regrow the collagen and to some extent, remodel the collagen to the healthiest form with uniformly laid out fibers. Using a fractional beam laser, such as the 1540 this patient had an excellent result after she was treated just three times. Now with more advanced technology lasers, and the newest Hada Cosmetic Medicine protocols, even more scaring and the older white marks can be treated.

5. Several sessions of the laser treatments are usually necessary, so make sure you ask about management of the discomfort when you are treated. The treatment sessions are very tolerable.

6. Be patient. Most patients with older stretch marks take up to 3 to 6 months after treatment to see improvement, if they are new and bright red the way these were, they respond right away. Stretch marks of the breast, the back, the thighs, the abdomen can all be treated. Other energy modalities can be helpful as well, at Hada Cosmetic Medicine can use the infrared laser, or the Venus Legacy system to tighten skin as well, whether three are stretch marks or not, and the IPL laser to get rid of the brightest fuchsia of the newer ones.

7. Consider other benefits of laser and photolight treatments. IPL lasers can also be used to treat abnormal hair growth, or lighten the midline darkening some women have. These problems may not be a dramatic medical issue for you, but it might be nice to treat them anyway.

For a good article and more information see this resource on stretch marks.

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