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Sex after birthing

For most couples shared experience of birthing is the most wonderful bonding you can ever experience, and sex life can be relaxed, actually improved after the fatigue and baby duties ease back a bit. But Moms do report some correctable pelvic problems after birthing including

  1. Urinary incontinence

  2. Stool incontinence

  3. Gas incontinence

  4. Pelvic prolapse including dropping of the bladder, the vagina, the bladder and the rectum

  5. Sexual problems that range from pain, libido dysfunction, arousal problems

  6. And moms that say they just 'don't feel the same'

The statistics of the new onset of pelvic problems after birthing vary based of various experts take on the data. The actual problems with sex life will depend on age, whether there are any new medical issues, numbers of children and steps you have taken to ward off the problems. For some women some of the obstetrical management during pregnancy such as normal weight gain and less birth trauma helps to ward off problems. After pregnancy your sex life is helped by better nutrition, vitamins and stopping smoking can help. Exercises that pound and too much straining with constipation will also make it worse. The first year after having a baby causes urinary incontinence in about a third of women, and that rate persists for the first 12 months. It is more common if the birth was vaginally, as having c-section does protect the floor of the pelvis. About 50% of moms saying the have urinary incontinence by age 40. About 25% of all moms will say they have incontinence of gas and stool by age 40. Some degree of uterine prolapse occurs in 40% of women after the age of 45, so these problems are not insignificant. Nutrition, exercise, and avoidance of straining, can all help to improve your sex life after having a baby. New pelvic floor ways to exercise, rehabilitate, and treat non-invasively are available. So get with your gyno and talk about the strategies you may need to keep your sex life sexy after having a baby!

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