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Your shoes give away your health, here's how

Did you know that your shoes can give away how healthy you are? Here's How.

The newest data from the SWAN study shows that if your internal organs, especially your largest artery your aorta, is padded with extra fat you will have far reaching negative consequences on your health. The most basic physical function that will suffer is an effect on gait. Whether it’s just one more factor in decreased oxygen to your muscles or some other physical dimension problem to have fat around your aorta, hasn’t exactly been worked out. It determines your calorie consumption.

Independent of whether you are actually obese, or smoke, or have hypertension, that deep fat is of paramount concern. Those studied who were losing walking speed at a high rate (shown to be just 2.4% a year) were at a greater risk

At WHP we suggest getting a lipid analysis, and a fact check on your gait. When have you last had your gait analyzed?

Here are some health checks you can do right now:

1. How fast can you walk? Are you slower than your friends?

2. Check the bottoms of your shoes are you wearing them out unevenly?

3. How many days do you reach 11,000 steps without being at all sore? That is only a 10% increase on your daily 10,000 steps, you should be in good enough shape for that!

4. Do you get calf or toe cramps when walking fast?

5. Check out a video of yourself: are you waddling, dragging your feet, do your hips or knees just look awkward, or do you have a hitch to your step? All poor gait!

6. Come in to be seen!

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