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6 Steps to Better Skin Care

Skin Care Science Summarized

We will never tell you that one size fits all, nor that skin care alone is going to compare to skin care with medical grade treatments. But we will tell you that for the healthiest skin that using proper care is of primary importance. We at Hada Cosmetic Medicine and Women’s Health Practice support the use of medical grade products that have been tested in human skin in an ethical way. We know that the products we use contain the best ingredients, and we can guide you to select those that would be optimal for you. As an overview of skin care, here is a quick summary, that can help you understand what we are teaching you at your treatments. Many of our products are formulated to help in several of these key areas so that your regimen is effective and able to be sustained. Both anti-aging and post procedure healing are possible simultaneously with the right products. Inflammation is the first step in healing, but left unchecked it will be damaging and lead to abnormal pigment and the fibrotic damage to the skin layers that leads to poor texture and overt scars such as people see after severe acne.

If you have unique concerns we have specialty products that can address these as well, but these basic principles guide our skin therapy recommendations.


Sunscreen, protection against ambient light, protection against infrared light, and protection against the elements are what the products in this category are designed to do. We do this with SPF, DNA enzymes, and the antioxidants.


Making sure you help your skin repair fibroblasts are able to produce collagen, elastin, and other beneficial skin structures.


Keeping and generating the hydration within the skin so that it is plump, soft, resilient, and the layers are thick with their vital components. This will help with coarse and fine lines.


Retinoids, and AHAs. This will help heal, and help with reflection, tone, brightness of your skin.


The healthiest cells are the newest cells. You want to nourish your skin so that new skin cells are being created at an optimal rate.


Peptides and growth factors. Growth factors can be complex, some are pro-inflammatory (they summon the start of healing) and some are anti-inflammatory (they calm and promote the conclusion of healing). These two factors can be obtained in skin care, while stem cells are mostly found in the bone marrow, but they circulate in the blood stream and become concentrated through PRP treatments and are not available as a topical therapy except through this treatment.

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