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Get Your Healthiest Head of Hair

The Healthiest Head of Hair can be fairly easy to achieve, and here are some tips!

1. Check the scalp. Make an appointment with one of the providers at Women’s Health Practice for a scalp check ,many of us remember to get spot checks on arms and legs for moles or pigment, but be sure a medical professional evaluates the scalp. Medical conditions of the scalp will be treated differently. Scalp checks can also check on whether yu have health new hair growth.

2. Use sun protection for your hair and scalp. Especially protect your part. Powdered mineral make-up may work for some, for health and anti-aging I recommend products with anti-aging in them as well. Skin Medica TDR at Women’s Health Practice or Hada Cosmetic Medicine is one of my favorites.

3. Circulation is the key to keeping all tissues healthy, so don't forget your scalp massage if you are going to less frequently wash your hair, massage an extra 30 seconds before each rinse in your shampooing and conditioning regimen.

4. Using the pre-wash oil trick may work for some, but for those with difficult skin conditions any neck or shoulder contact can lead to increased breakouts. We suggest using your Clarisonic Brush right after on your neck, shoulders and upper back.

5. Night out at the clubs or with the gals? Wash your hair if you have visited a smokey or toxic environment, especially around tobacco smoke, smells are soaked up by hair.

6. Toxins do accumulate in the hair follicles over time. Testing the hair sounds like a popular way to find out your body toxins, but you can be tested for toxin exposure, usually through urine, which is what they suggest at Women's Health Practice. If you then rid yourself of excess levels of toxins your hair will begin to shine better. Consider Myer’s Cocktails every couple of months if you need to detox.

7. Be mindful of your make-up, especially for those experiencing hair loss at the hair line, you need to think organic, such as Jane Iredale sold at Women’s Health Practice and Hada Cosmetic Medicine. And consider make up exposure to hair line when deciding whether to skip a re-wash.

8. Get the right swim cap, I suggest silicone, many companies make them. And figure out the right technique for putting on your cap and goggles, so that hair tugging is minimized.

9. Eat well, your nutrition will shine through in your hair, and get your vitamin levels monitored to make sure they are stable. Biotin will also help your hair, you may want to consider ordering through Natural Partners . Sign up as part of our store with the Women's Health Practice access code 2173563736 for 20% discount on your vitamins.

10. PRP for the Scalp, Platelet Rich Plasma scalp therapy at Women’s Health Practice will both prevent hair loss from becoming a problem and help regrow lost hair in 80% of women who have alopecia (thinning hair). We advise our special PRP protocols to help maximize the benefits of the PRP.

11. Hydrate well, for some a bad hair day begins as a 'bad scalp day’, and that can be helped by oral hydration.

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