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How to live forever

The Spanish now live the longest having passed the national average age that those living in Japan have reached. But can we really live forever as a few Italians have suggested? Maybe, and here's a quick primer on what we know so far. To put some of these principals in motion now, come to WHP Health for testing and information.

1. Reduce inflammation. This can be done with nutrition, with exercise, with meditation and in some cases meditation. Joint stiffness, high blood pressure, high cholesterol are all both sources of inflammation and consequences of untreated inflammation.

2. Keep your cells healthy in the way they work and prevent organ cell death. For this you need optimal circulation, breath, and strength.

3. Keep stem cells healthy so that the parts of our bodies that age can regenerate. In some cases we can use stem cell like therapies to treat areas that are aging such as our face, chest, scalp, the vagina, and the penis.

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