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How you know if your diet is working

Before turkey time, let's talk about your diet strategies, and how to know if your diet is working!

Lots of us have a goal on scale, and we understand it may take time to work. Your gyno wants you to know that you should aim for healthy. So, her are some objective signs that your diet is working.. So what you want is scientific evidence, that in you, your diet is making you healthier than you were before you dieted.

1. Energy

2. Sleeping better

3. More regular menstrual cycles

4. Normalizing your bowels.

5, Skin clears

6. Skin is less dry

7. Sex is better

8. Nails are growing better

Feeling well, fitting into jeans, sleeping better, having better skin, performing better in bed, all very nice, and yet, fall short of what you want out of your diet.


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