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Red Meat Tonight? Here’s Some thoughts

Primarily plant based diets are the healthiest, but many nutritionists argue that we do need meat, and, well, many of us just love it!

  1. Eating red meat increases iron levels, important for fighting fatigue.

  2. Meat is a source of protein. You should have between 10-35% of total calories each day in protein.

  3. There are some studies of both sex and athletic performances showing those who eat red meat perform better

  4. On the wary side however there are reasons that red meat, particularly too much, can be harmful. Digestion of meat in most research studies is linked with increases both atherosclerosis and thrombosis slightly. This is probably because meat can cause of heart disease, producing chemical TMAO. That byproduct tis TMAO (trimethylamine-N-Oxide). The gut bacteria actually produce TMAO from meat components. Too much meat over a relatively short time affects the ability of the kidney to excrete TMAO.

  5. If you over indulged, there is a solution. Avoiding red meat can reverse any harmful metabolism effects of too much red meat in about 4 weeks.

  6. Meat allergies are relatively uncommon, probably because meat is virtually always consumed cooked, and cooking reduces the number of allergens in a food. Oddly meat allergies in general can be caused by multiple tick bites!

  7. Too much red meat consumption, particularly that cooked at high temperatures increases risk of colon cancer, especially of the left colon.

  8. Although vegetables and fruit in one’s diet decreases risk of breast cancer, there has never been specific proof that red meat is connected to risk.

To measure levels of important nutrients and be screened for heart disease contact Women's Health Practice 217-356-3736.

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