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How Yoga can help Trim that Waistline

When trying to get back into exercising, it’s important to remember that there are three aspects to every successful exercise plan: stretch, get your heart rate up, and use your muscles. A lot of people are searching for the right exercises that will help shed some inches off that pesky waistline, while also not trying to completely break down their bodies. Well, look no further and try some yoga classes! Yoga incorporates all three of the aspects listed above, and is perfect for all ages! It’s good for the young, the old, those in need of balance, and too many virtues to even list.

Nothing like the Tiger Pose and Stretch to make us ponder the role of middle weight gain. Some of us get this middle bulge from genetic predisposition, others as we age, and in others it’s a consequence of the hormone lack in menopausal women. Metabolism slows with aging because of many factors including inactivity (keep posing!) and pancreatic insulin production slowing. Our skeletal muscle is the primary tissue that, if told to by insulin, can grab the sugar molecule glucose and metabolize it. If glucose is not grabbed by the muscle and metabolized, those sugar molecules you are consuming will turn to FAT! Solution to the problem: Add Muscle! How? Yoga!

Implementing yoga into your daily exercise routine can really help build muscle, which will in turn, help get rid of that pesky belly fat. Here are some tips in how to incorporate yoga into your life:

  1. Healthy Lifestyle – When most people envision yoga, they see static poses on colorful mats. However, incorporating yoga into your life is so much more than that! Yoga inspires one to live an overall healthier lifestyle, which includes diet changes. The goal is to build an all-around better you. The best changes work with your personal genetics, tastes, and health. Testing at is ideally first.

  2. Joining Classes – There are many different kinds of yoga classes and finding the right class fit to your specific goals is key. If you want to get the most out of yoga, you should thinking about what your goals are and that will help narrow down your choices. But Barre, HITT, and Sculptflow classes at will help you pick classes that will help you!

  3. Engage your Core – Once you’ve found the right class for you, remember to always utilize your core throughout the class. This will help make your abs stronger, your back stronger, your poses better, your posture better, your breathing better, as well as trim down any stubborn belly fat.

  4. A bit of help for stubborn belly fat is safe and helpful. CoolSculpting is for diet and exercise resistant fat, as well as helping to help you trim many areas such as arms and chin for that healthy, sculpted you.

If you are unsure where to get started and/or want to know more about how yoga can be beneficial for you, come visit Hatha Yoga and Fitness or check out our website ! There you will find skilled trainers that can help guild you through your own transformative journey. You might find out that there’s more you want and can achieve than a little belly fat trimming.

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