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New facts about PCOS, a condition that affects at least 10% of women

  • Your cycles and your actual blood levels may determine whether you have PCOS even in your teens, so be sure to track your cycles and bring that information to your gyno

  • Consultations are needed over time! Adolescents may have cystic appearing ovaries that will resolve, and it's important not to have the diagnosis rushed

  • Examination needs to look in detail about hair growth distribution, whether you have hair loss, whether you have an abnormal shape or texture to your thyroid gland, body fat distribution, any presence of abnormal dark spots on your skin.

  • Ultrasound; there are new criteria for how many cysts you need to have to meet the diagnosis of PCOS ovaries. You need at least 18 small follicles or cysts per ovary to meet the new definition

  • Blood Hormone Tests: some tests need to be done in the morning, some testing should be repeated more than once, progesterone levels on day 22-24 to check for ovulation should be done, and hormone tests of the adrenal gland should be checked as well

  • Dietary Assessments including Gall Bladder check which can be done by ultrasound, if you are overweight get checked for fatty liver as well.

  • Get advanced nutritional And blood fat and lipid testing: although Hba1c is a good check for long term sugar control in diabetics and pre-diabetics,, PCOS patients may test normal on this test in spite of abnormalities in their sugar control. PCOS patients need a 2 hr glucose test, and it should be repeated every 2-3 years

  • Nutrition and Exercise Regimen: this should control for carbohydrate consumption especially that of simple sugars.

  • Skin Care: the better your acne control is the less acne scaring and less pigment change you have secondary to the inflammation. Control of acne with regular medically supervised peels, and exfoliating treatments are important.

  • Hair Reduction: this responds well to blocking the production of male hormones. There are medications available that are not technically approved for this indication and they may have side effects you have to consider seriously

  • Weight Management: all methods of weight loss help to control PCOS, get the regimen that is best for you. For this the experts at would like to help!

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