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Top 10 Signs of Low Testosterone in a Man

Many of the signs of testosterone deficiency are the obvious (problems with erections), but others are not obvious. Don't just rely on one test, get at least two or more measurements. Since awareness has been raised many men are being prescribed for 'low T.' But testosterone prescriptions are not without risk. In 2015 the FDA issued a warning that in fact men could have an increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke if they take testosterone. The Endocrine Society has come out with guidelines that can help you and your doc decide when and what type of therapy is appropriate. Some signs such as decreasing sperm count, decreased bone mass, or infertility aren't really a sign you can see. But here are signs that if present signal you may want to see your Primary to consider a check on blood or saliva testosterone levels:

1. Low libido

2. Loss of facial hair

3. Loss of hair under the arm

4. Loss of Pubic hair

5. Anemia

6. Changes in mood

7. Decreased muscle mass

8. Decreased vitality

9. Decreased erections

10.Decreased physical performance

Some research says it is unlikely you will benefit much if your level is under 300 ng/dl, others set much higer criteria. You need to have regular monitoring if you are on testosterone. It is mostly given to men over the age of 65, when a fairly high percentage of men will meet criteria for insufficient levels. Being sure you are on the right nutrition and fitness regimen is going to counteract any detrimental effects of testosterone on coronary plaque or cholesterol levels. For more information call WHP Health or Hatha Yoga and Fitness for health plans.


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