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How to make your PRP treatment the most successful

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the most versatile treatments in medicine and for aesthetic uses. It’s first studied medical therapeutic use was for wound healing. PyRP treatments are virtually universal as you are receiving your own blood factors as therapy. For those getting skin therapies, hair revitalization, or treatment for sexual and anatomic enhancement, it's versatility and safety is unrivaled by other cosmetic therapies.

The PRP therapy contains growth factors, adhesive proteins, clotting factors as well other important healing compounds, and compounds that help our tissues stay healthy, appear vibrant and function optimally.

PRP components help us fight both bacterial and fungal infections. PRP also stimulates new nerve formation and new blood vessel formation.

The growth factors act as chemical messengers signaling the appearance of new cells. When these factors work on a tissue, stem cell production is triggered. After stem cells are produced other cells, such as bone cells, muscle cells, skin tissue cells and the cells of nerves and blood vessels are stimulated to the treated area to help with the healing process.

The scientific definition of concentrated platelet rich plasma must meet the level of 1 million platelets per 5 cc of plasma. It is important to have this concentration in order to be able to get effective healing and treatment response. Inadequate concentration during the preparation is responsible for some reports of less than satisfying results from therapy.

So it is important to be treated by PRP therapy prepared by the best technology. The platelets have a number of proteins in addition to the growth factors which are released from the platelets when they are activated. The release of the important compounds in sufficient numbers can affect the result as well. There is a direct proportion of numbers of cells produced in the treatment area directly in relationship to the concentration of the PRP. 5 x PRP concentration increases cell production of over 200%.

Prior to treatment, whether it is for the O Shot, the P shot, for the Vampire Facial or Vampire Facelift, or for treatment of rosacea or lichen sclerosis or one of the variety of other indications, ask your physician what you might do to prepare for therapy. We do know that providing the double spin process will help increase the beneficial cell numbers in the PRP preparation. The double spin cycle can also optimally remove most of the RBCs, and will give you the highest concentration of white cells that boost the immune response for several months. The appropriate preparation can enhance the response.

Avoiding of NSAIDs prior to treatment will improve the response. Proper nutrition and correction of nutritional deficiencies will improve the response as wel

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