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Yoga just 3 times per week can do this

1. Here's why you should incorporate yoga into your fitness routines.

2. Yoga can make you fit in many ways.

3. Yoga prep is very straight forward. Get out a mat. Be in a well ventilated room, and get your water bottle. Be in comfortable clothes, and be sure to rest if any of your movements cause undue fatigue. You are ready to do yoga! If you are obese, you need to do yoga. It is safe, it is fun, it is easy to do any where and basically any time! You may need a book, or a video, or a teacher, but it's relatively quick to learn basic movements.

4. All exercise programs need a bit of cardio, a bit of strength building, and a bit of stretching, yoga does all of this! Your gyno has been telling you that exercise can burn calories, make you lose weight and reduce your waist. Those three ways are the core of what we need!

5. Studies confirm health benefits to yoga for virtually all women in menopause. And a study out of Korea at Kyungsung Univerity in South Korea, and reported in the March issue of Menopause 2012, has proven that yoga can do all that and more for your health. They specifically were studying women who were obese, menopausal, and had other health issues.

6. Yoga can impact actual fat, and reducing fat while maintaining muscle is what you need to do for health benefits. Yoga has now been shown to be able to reduce fatty tissue, improve your blood lipid levels. Yoga will increase the fat controlling hormone adiponectin, which also reduces the chance of diabetes and the other factors that lead to cardiovascular disease. In sophisticated testing, exercise, like yoga, can lower the stiffness of your arteries in just three weeks. In the yoga patients they studied they had better blood pressure, better insulin levels, better cholesterol levels, and lower blood sugar. At Women's Health Practice we measure this with Advance Lipid Testing, in fact in just 6 weeks of regular yoga your blood markers of heart disease will improve along with the beneficial effects on your fat hormones. All this was accomplished by raising your adiponectin level which in turn will improve all these body functions! And the even better news, they lost weight. Now that you know how to get started, and how successful you can be in terms of improving your health, repeat: yoga, 60 minutes three times a week. It's what our Korean gynos would tell us to tell you to do be a yogini!

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