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These Skin Problems Can Be Caused By Water Pill Use

  1. Water pills can be important for your health. Water pills work by controlling how electrolyte chemicals move in and out of cells, particularly sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride. All of these are essential nutrients to our body and their balance affects all of our cells, including our skin. Diuretics, called water pills, most importantly control how much sodium goes into the cell and in return water is pushed out.

  2. Not all diuretic medicines are the same. Different medications will work on different chemical pumps. You can work with your primary care physician to understand what you take and what it’s mechanism of action may be.

  3. Diuretics make you more sensitive to getting sun burns, so you need more sun screen.

  4. Hydrochlorothiazide users, a commonly prescribed diuretic has both been linked to more sun burns as increased risks of both

  5. Fair Skin is more at risk. Skin type and water pill use was not specifically studied, but we know that in general those with fairer skin are more at risk from damaging rays of the sun.

  6. Tanning bed users are at increased risk. and those exposed to UV light of sun are both at increased risk when they take hydrochlorthiazide.

  7. The extra sun burn risk also puts water pill users at greater risk for photoaging, a good reason to work with an experienced skin care technician to help you plan your skin care regimens and therapies.

  8. The longer you are on these types of diuretic medication, the more risk you have, it may be that the higher doses confer extra risks as well.

  9. Smokers are at risk for dehydrated skin, increased risks of all cancers, and at increased risk for sun burns, skin dehydration, and sun damage.

  10. Skin therapies can be affected, work with an experienced skin care technician and provider who can take your health needs into consideration

  11. The study can be viewed online December 3, 2017 in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

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