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Ultrasound for your Face?

Ultrasound Visibility Allows Precision and Treatment

Ultherapy addresses structural issues of our face, jaw an neck without treating the surface of the skin. Ultherapy uses the sound wave energy ultrasound that is more known for imaging such as pregnancy ultrasound and for physical therapy. By using sound waves delivered as focused ultrasound pulses it treats the layers beneath the deep dermal tissues to treat: Scowling, Furrowing of the brows, Wrinkling of forehead, Tired appearance of the eyes , Gaunt, hollow look of the cheeks , Frowning, Sagging jowls , or Neck laxity. The focused ultrasound Ultherapy treatment will produce a sensation of heat as the underlying tissues are treated. This sensation doesn’t occur when you get medical imaging tests as energy is not focused, and the image ultrasound machine delivers less energy. It causes heating at the time of the treatment, and you may be a bit sore after the treatment, but many of those treated report no side effects at all. The tissue layer that contains collagen will gradually reorganize and stricken and tighten which produces the lift to the area treated. Because our skin is an organ, the growth factors stimulated will help the skin texture and pigment as well as smooth fine wrinkles. So for those who have issues of the skin which involve the deepest layers, there is a non-invasive way to correct all the layers.


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