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Yeast infection of the bladder

1. Vaginal yeast infections and bladder infections can have some similar symptoms, or can occur together. Women given antibiotics for bladder infections can then get a vaginal yeast infection, however it is possible that the offending organism is actually the same candida of a vaginal yeast infection, but actually was in the bladder to begin with.

2. Women who report that frequent bladder infections may be suffering from other conditions (stones in the bladder for instance), but most likely are having chronic bladder infections and not another condition. Bladder infections aren't usually a confusing diagnosis to make based on symptoms alone. Lower abdominal pain, especially above the bladder, pain with trying to pee, and having to pee all the time are the most common symptoms. If you see blood (hematuria) it's even a more obvious diagnosis. So most women will know if they ave had a an issue of recurrent bladder infections.

3. UTIs could be an STI. Bladder infections called Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs are quite common from bacteria, but can be caused by either yeast, chlamydia or gonorrhea. In fact 1/10 women have one physician diagnosed infection per year.

4. Girl parts are not sterile, neither is the bladder. The genital areas of the vaginal, the urethra, the vulva, has bacteria, and if we run around culturing the pee of women without symptoms many will have growth of some sort of bugs, urine is not sterile, and usually those cultures will be positive for of the microorganism E. coli. It's a bowel bacteria that can adhere to the wall of the bladder. And some women have E. coli with the ability to glob on even more effectively. And modern life seems to just put more road blocks in our way.

5. Condoms can prevent yeast of the bladder from transmission, however it's complicated! For instance our gynos excessive insistence on us protecting ourselves from new partners with condoms. Using condoms and spermicide protects against STDs, but oddly they can cause more urinary tract infections because the condoms and spermicide use seems to improve the ability for our bladder and E. coli to adhere on to each other. What's the worse kind of infection to get is that of E. Coli of the type that have something in their anatomy known as P-fimbria. Other bacteria are commonly found in the the area: the vagina, the bowel, the skin of the region, but about 80 to 90% of all urinary tract infections end up being E. coli. And your gyno needs to know so that treatment could be specifically targeted. In fact virtually all bladder infections are bacterial, but very rare fungal infections can occur, and virus infections can occur, but don't seem to bring on the symptoms of a typical UTI. The fungal infections that do occur, the funguria, usually are in very sick hospitalized patients and they typically will have a blood infection too. However diabetics are more likely to have funguria and anyone with a poor immune system may as well.

6. Sex itself can lead to bladder yeast infections, and basic strategies are helpful to prevent bladder yeast colonozation as well. Although lots of factors play into whether you will acquire a bladder infection, an important factor is to consider: sex. It is important to get the bacterial count of the bladder down after sex. Peeing after you have sex actually can eliminate some bacteria that may just have been sitting around and help have fewer infections. If you have had multiple infections going on antibiotics for a longer duration of treatment, or using antibiotics after each episode of intercourse are possible solutions.Most recently it has been shown that probiotics an prevent UTIs. One such probiotic is called Lactin-V and it's the beneficial lactobacillus crispatus organism that is used as a vaginal suppository, but many are very helpful. If the new lactobacillus do take women will have less bladder infections So don't give up, UTIs can have serious health consequences if left unchecked, so try to get them under control!

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