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5 Things to know about the G spot

1. It is possible to have an orgasm without touching the G spot. The clitoral stimulation is essential to every orgasm, but to really enjoy sex and your foreplay we recommend you not forget your G spot. Those that focus their sexual energy of the G spot experience claim you can have a vaginal orgasm without ever stimulating or involving the clitoris, which may need to be a bit of your "clit-eracy" retraining, as most sexual research says that is clitoral illiteracy as if you want to get to the oh yeah of orgasm, you will need to involve the clitoris at some point.

2. The G spot is not hard to find, but sexologists may still be looking? The G spot is the upper part of the front of the vagina, it has a labyrinth of nerves, and probably has the most nerve density of the whole vagina. Medical professional sexologists have all sorts of erudite discussions on whether this is truly just a part of vaginal opening, or vaginal anterior fornix erogenous zone, clitorial-urethralvaginal complex, the Halban’s fascial erogenous zone, or the genitosensory component of the vagus nerve, try whispering some of that as part of your pillow talk. It is true that some of the same nerves link the areas of the clitoris and the are of the vagina that medically is sometimes called the G region if not specifically the G spot.

3. G spot responds to all sorts of touching, there's not one best way. Don’t worry about just what sort of touching an intimacy gets you to orgasm, its all about the fun ways of trying to get there. The pleasure of getting aroused is just as much of a blast as getting ready for the steaks to pop off the grill. How to hit that spot involves sexual touching, position experimentation, and the nutritional fine tuning of your nerve function. So the foods that make you hear better, have a finer sense of touch, make your taste pallet more sophisticated, and makes your senses of smell better, actually help that g spot function better. As it’s all part of sending signals to your brain once the areas become a bit engorged.

4. What works for the G spot, also works for other areas of anatomy and the penis as well! Guys swell in their penis, we have the ability to swell in the clitoral area, the labia minora, the outer portion of our urethra, and the underlying layers around this tissue. the Like guys getting hard, the blood flow to the G spot will help it swell, make it more receptive to the rubbing, touching, vibrating, and pretty much what ever other ways are to make you want to have sex. And again, in the kitchen, think hydration, enhancing circulation by lower cholesterol and the other heart healthy diets!

5. As we say, G region, G spot, G whiz just go for it. ince sex, and foreplay, like getting that perfect pie crust every time is just a matter of practice makes perfect. And like those practice crusts, it’s the joy of practice that makes it so perfect. You don’t need every crust to rise to enjoy rolling those crusts out together.

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