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Boost sex drive with pink pill

Much research needs to be done, and we hope to have more than one "pink pill" for women.

Addyi was the first, and relatively new approved medicine to improve libido in women, and thought to be the 'pink pill' for women meaning a pill that can improve libido. It is definitely not the only sex therapeutic medication that we will have. It increases being in the mood for sex, but has no specific physical effects.

If your sex isn't fun, you won't have libido so we feel it's important to address the subject of vaginal health. There are many new therapies for female sexual disorders and vaginal disorders which have been approved , including MonaLisa Touch. Other medical therapies are coming as well.

The first medical therapy approved for pain with intercourse in menopausal women is Osphena. It is an intriguing medication as it likely has bone benefit and it probably decreases risk of breast cancer.

Testosterone use for women has been tested in many forms, some of which are still in development stages and some look more promising than others, including, testosterone patches, gels and intranasal (male intranasal just approved, Tefina still in studies, and it can be used systemically or topically, depending on the condition you want to treat.

Other medications are under development, including bremelanotide.

Vaginal improvement, vaginal healing remodeling, improving collagen and function can be done with FDA cleared treatments, including CO2 treatments, such as The MonaLisa Touch therapy, Erbium treatments, and RF treatments such as ThermiVa. Thes treatments can treat sexual pain, vulvovaginal disorders such as atrophy. MonaLisa Touch can treat sexual dysfunction it can be used as an isolated therapy or in conjunction with current management strategies for these conditions. These therapies will have beneficial effects on urogynecologic symptoms as well, including incontinence,pelvic floor laxity, and burning. These therapies are a well tolerated, almost painless, procedure with few side effects. Indications are also for patients with the urogenital syndrome of menopause or from anti-estrogen therapies. There are also many uses for autologous platelet rich plasma on sexual function, including peri and intraclitoral and g-spot injection treatments which have been shown to enhance sexual function.


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