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Varicose Veins of Girl Parts

Varicose Veins of the vulva are not uncommon, and may not need to be treated, but come in to discuss as they might be indicating more serious disease. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The reasons for the appearance of varicosities are complex. Natural twists and turns of veins, veins that carry additional blood flow, slowed flow through blood vessels, poor valves within the veins, and obstruction because of blood clots are reasons that a woman might develop varicose veins.

  • Throbbing, burning, cramping, and even knife like pain can be symptoms of vulvar varicose veins, but many women have them without symptoms.

  • A gynecologic exam will determine whether you have vulvar varicose veins or other conditions such as a Bartholin’s gland cyst, labial hypertrophy, a lipoma, or any one of a number of other conditions.

  • Pregnant moms often notice the appearance of varicose veins for the first time. These veins are at their worst during the pregnancy, and the delivery of the baby eases off the vascular pressure in the post partum period of time when the dramatic cardiovascular changes of pregnancy begin to resolve.During pregnancy the body’s blood volume increases by half again during pregnancy to handle the nutritional needs of both mom and baby.\. A simplistic view of how a pregnant circulation handles extra blood flow the heart makes changes, it expands, it beats faster, and overall blood pressure drops so that blood vessels can accommodate extra flow being pushed through. This extra flow can create varicose veins.

  • Women who have other varicose veins are most likely to have vulvar varicose veins as well.

  • Spider veins are those that are tiny, and web-like. Superficial varicose veins are larger, even bulging veins, and women who have spider veins of their legs are not likely to get them in the vulvar area.

  • Support stockings helps prevent all varicose veins, including those of the vulva.

  • Weight management will help prevent varicose veins.


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