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If you aren't doing this you aren't improving your memory

  1. If you are not working on your memory, your memory may be slightly deteriorating.

  2. If you have hot flashes your memory may be worse, although some of the data from the three large studies WHIMSY, KEEPS and ELITE said no relationship between cognitive function and HT, there is improvement from treating hot flashes

  3. Memory problems are specifically linked with changes in the brain itself, meaning deposits in the brain, and areas of the brain shrinking. The scientific imaging can look at these changes and watch what happens as women age and show that there may be favorable changes from treating certain conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, and hormone imbalances.

  4. Exercise and sleep may have as much impact on your memory as hot flashes and hormone levels. Women report and show declines in memory. Specifically hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms such as sweating and night sweats are linked to memory.

  5. If you would want to consider being in a study for a non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes, call us at

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