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14 Reasons Chocolate is Good For Date Night!

Most heart health advice is for coco, found only in dark chocolate, but for those who love all forms of chocolate, keep reading!

1. Chocolate consumption reduces blood pressure. The flavonoids found in cocoa help in the control of the tension or squeezing of your blood vessels, by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the blood. Studies showed that dark chocolate, for many, is as effective at lowering blood pressure the anti-hypertensive drugs are!

2. Dark chocolate can decrease by 50% the risk of a heart attack, coronary disease by 10%, and premature death by 8%. Planning sex on Date Night? Here's something that can help!

3. Chocolate improves blood circulation to the brain for two to three hours after you eaten chocolate. The flavonoids in chocolate dilate the blood vessels in the brain, allowing a larger blood flow (implicit of oxygen). This way, the brain fights off exhaustion, insomnia, improving memory and learning, all good for the lively date night. Cocoa that retains the highest level of these naturally occurring chemicals within chocolate called flavonoids, which are abundant in fresh cocoa, could help maintain the normal functioning of the brain and could be used for future therapies against cognitive decline and dementia, so date night conversation is improved.

4. Chocolate gets us a good mood. Phenylethylamine, a neuronal disinhibitor released by the brain (releases inhibitions), is also found in chocolate, and induces a stage of euphoria and excitation during the sexual prelude, by turning on the brain's pleasure sensor nuclei. This molecule increases the feeling of excitement, giddiness and boosts the sex drive; consequently, it gives you more or less the same sensation that the alcohol does, but without the secondary effects of the latter. (you know what they say... 'Flowers or chocolate to your girl!'). All of us know the "I feel good" sensation induced by chocolate. Chocolate treats do not typically contain serotonin, one of the the "happiness"molecules , but tryptophan, a serotonin precursor, that the brain can transform into serotonin is often in chocolate candies.High serotonin levels stimulate the release of endorphins. Actually, what the antidepressant drugs do is simply increase the brain's serotonin levels, since low levels of serotonin induce depression.

5.Chocolate potentially increases energy by increasing the quantity of sugar in your blood, due to the above-mentioned flavonoids. Chocolate helps the process of sugar metabolism, and dark chocolate helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

6. Chocolate fights off chronic fatigue. Eating 50 grams of chocolate (85 % cacao) daily decreases the symptoms of this disease.

7. Chocolate increases "good" cholesterol and lowers the "bad" one, due to the antioxidants, similar to those found in fruits, vegetables, tea and wine.

8. Chocolate can also be a remedy against coughing. A chemical from cocoa can be more efficient against coughing than many medicines are, and it doesn't have the adverse effects that the latter have.

9. Chocolate enhanced improved circulation induced by flavonoids also boost...erection! So .what will it be: Viagra or chocolate?

10. Many chocolates contain iron. That's why it is recommended for pregnant women. Chocolate is also abundant in magnesium, proven to ease pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS). The calcium in milk induces the same effect, so milk chocolate could ensure the men's peace and relaxation in certain... 'special moments'.

11. Just like coffee, most chocolates contains caffeine too. Another reason to be energetic on a date!

12. The researches showed that chocolate consumers live almost one year more than those who do not eat chocolate. Ok, this means lots more dates, a bit more long term than just this valentine date night!

13. Studies have shown that chocolate impedes cell deterioration and cancer.

14. Chocolate improves your smile, again longer term project! The bitterest chemical found in chocolate, theobromine, an alkaloid similar to caffeine, was found to fight off tooth decay, being more efficient than the fluoride in strengthening the crystalline structure of teeth against erosion by acid-producing bacteria (linked to tooth decay).


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