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Mani-Pedi Advice When Pregnant

Should you get mani-pedi's when pregnant? Having been both the delivering obstetrician and a mom I can tell you that getting a pedicure in the third trimester can be the most luxurious feeling; and to the extent that you get a bit of massage of your feet, calves and ankles, the benefits on reducing swelling are terrific as well!

  1. Hormonal factors and growth hormones that soar will help hair, nails, and skin. With the addition of prenatal vitamins and the extra hydration you make sure you get during pregnancy, most moms are excited to see they can truly glow with minimal effort! Your nails will grow when you are pregnant, and this may be your best time to just buff and shape and your hands will look beautiful.

  2. It is safe to get manicures when you are pregnant. Quick answer is yes, but there are several factors to take into consideration when deciding to more than just the manicure and get into the discussion of all the ranges of polish colors and type. Polishes are full of chemicals, and many are unidentified and unrevealed. Dangers of

  3. Chemical absorption through skin and nail beds is always going to be an issue when selecting a polish type. Generally you don't get information on every chemical, but organic polishes have the fewest chemicals in them, and may be worth the slight extra costs for at least while you are pregnant or nursing.

  4. Pregnant women experience an expansion of not only blood volume, but an increase in blood vessels as well, because of this cuticles must be treated with extra care during this time.

  5. Pregnancy also makes the skin itself more light sensitive, and prone to pigmentation and damage. So inquire about the kind of lamps used to dry the polish. LED lamps are generally considered safe, whereas UV lamps slightly increase the risk of skin abnormalities such as discoloration, mole changes and induction of precancerous lesions. You can either use a UV-blocking sunscreen or request latex or (latex free if you are allergic) gloves with the tips cut off so the technician can work on your nails while the rest of your hand remains covered. And thus fans are safest without the UV lamps on if you have polish that doesn't need specifically to be set with the light.

  6. From the first reports of irritations from porcelaine nails used in the 1960s nails, including sculptured nails and the new ultraviolet-curable gel polish lacquers, have been associated with allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). If you appear to be getting allergies, check with a health care provider before continuing as potentially permanent nail base damages have been reported.

  7. Pregnant women are very sensitive to fumes.

  8. Whether traveling for long rides in the care, or sitting holding one position for pedicures, you need to wiggle those legs periodically.

When you come in to discuss pregnancy planning, let’s not forget the health of your hands and fee! Prenatal vitamins, and the growth hormones of pregnancy, already improve the quality of hair and nails; so if you’re still wary, back to what I said at the start, you may just want to get a gentle shaping and buffing for naturally gorgeous nails. But don't necessarily skip an occasional mani-pedi, the me time is important for moms!

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