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How do you know if you need fillers?

Skin health, vitality, enhancing your natural attributes, and helping you achieve a beautiful look is our goal when we do consultations at Hada Cosmetic Medicine, and we encourage a consultation!

Patients often ask us how do they know if they are in need of fillers? Here's some tips

Top Reasons To Begin Use of Fillers:

  • Prevention or Treatment of Sagging Facial Structures

  • Treatment of Facial Lines

  • Improvement of Structures like lips, cheeks

Like all strategies for skin care we look at the need for filler through this careful lens:

  • Maximizing Skin Health

  • Prevention of Aging

  • Harmonizing with Other Therapies

  • Isolating what this Treatment Can do Verses Other Cosmetic Therapies with Similar Efficacy

  • Cost Effectiveness of the Treatment

  • Side Effects of the Treatment

  • Improvement of Your Skin Concerns

Facial sagging occurs even in our 20s and facial fillers can be used to both prevent and treat deficiencies. After you are assessed at your appointment at we will listen to your concerns, suggest treatment strategies, and appraise you of the risks and benefits. It is ideal to use the amount of filler for full correction, but this can be administered in stages rather than a single setting, and that is very reasonable for those who want the best chance of success within their budget . We have assessed the volume loss may be different based on your genetics, your sun exposure, your skin care, and your sex. When we use fillers the face is assessed in thirds with special attention to the midface considering your anatomy in three dimensions. Fillers of different types and weights are selected for the particular concern you are treating. There are fillers for very fine lines, but there are other treatment strategies that may work as well, or better for your particular concerns. Post filler injection procedure we will suggest the best skin care regimen to preserve your fillers, as well as giving you a long term plan for follow up and monitoring. This way your natural beauty can be preserved, and enhanced!

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