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New Year's Resolution to Help Your Bladder

Each year as we see office patients we ask about their resolutions, and we hear a lot of both creative and universal ones. However, when it comes to New Year's health resolutions, we don't often hear much about ways to help your bladder so here's a suggestion for you: YOGA!

I In a study done at UCSF Medical school researchers found that yoga is better for your bladder than non-specific exercise and stretching, supporting other research on the specific ways we can help ourselves in a healthy way.

1. Both groups of the women studied, regardless of their exercise, had significant improvements in symptoms of bladder issues such as loss of urine with coughing and running to the bathroom, proving all exercising is helpful.

2. The interventions studied for bladder symptoms were a 3 month duration, thus women can expect that bladder symptoms can be improved over a relatively short period of time!

3. Diabetics with bladder symptoms can be improved with an exercise program.

4.Yoga helps to reduce bladder symptoms by direct improvement in pelvic floor muscles but the other physiologic effects, such as improvement in heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolism.

At Hatha Yoga and Fitness we know that all aspects of yoga training will contribute to these benefits, so check out the list of options and add bladder health improvements to your list of those things you plan to do for the new year!

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