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The later you enter menopause, the healthier you are

You have 7 million eggs as a female fetus that is 5 months old. However we only ovulate 400 eggs, and human females start losing viable healthy eggs before they even enter menopause. Having a later menopause means that you will be healthier. Many years of health ovarian hormone exposure is good for much of our health. There is something about the number of fertile years, and how you use those fertile years that predicts how long you are going to live. If you have a baby later in life, over the age of 33, you are more likely to live long. The later you have your last period prior to menopause, the more total duration of estrogen and this too predicts a longer life, as reported in an article in Menopause Volume 22, No.1, 2015. We used to think that the final menstrual period was genetically programmed, now we know that may not be completely true. Stress, nutrition, life style factors (smoking), all impact on the last menstrual period. So you can improve your longevity, by preserving both your fertility and your ovarian function through healthy living! There are ways to maximize this health and you should come in to discuss how!

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