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How to get rid of deep fat around the gut

1. Lose weight, if you lose enough most people will lower the fat around your gut.

2. Reduce your total body inflammation. Reducing your markers of inflammation shows you are doing that, we use hsCRP as one way to measure.

3. Exercise. Growth hormone (GH) regulates whole body metabolism, including the mobilization of deep gut fat, and physical exercise is the most potent stimulus to induce its secretion in humans.

4. Eat right, healthier plant based, whole, organic foods do help you mobilize your deep gut fat.

5. Estrogen health. In animals it is shown that exercise growth hormone stimulation is medicated through the thyroid gland, and that estrogen deficiency decreases the efficiency of this system.

6. The route to fat storage and mobilization always goes through effects of sugar consumption. There is an entire study of this now called glucocrinology. The concept of glucocrinology links diabetes and all endocrine function, and can affect how we store deep fat.

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