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How to keep your nervous system healthy

Gender based medicine has begun to focus on the differences in all aspects of male and female physiology, and one area with hormone influenced differences is the nervous system. Whether it's sleep, or seizure disorders, or more serious conditions like MS, there are differences in the disease states for both men and women. So a good strategy is to understand what we can do to keep the nervous system healthy in general.

1. Be mindful of any interactions of hormones and medications for neurological condition. Oral contraceptives can affect the blood levels of many seizure medications, for instance and make the epileptic patient more at risk for break through seizures.

2. Like with any chronic condition or disease, plan pregnancy after any neurologic condition is under the best control possible. Then get guidance as to how you need to adjust medication, in some cases it means you should wash off your medications.

3. Prevent restless leg syndormoe by keeping your iron count good, treating depression and making sure you have good kidney function.

4. B vitamins are essential for healthy neurologic conditions. If you are planning a pregnancy your health care provider my recommend changing or limiting dosage of B vitamin intake.

5. Restrict alcohol, all forms of alcohol can affect your neurologic system.

6. Get proper sleep, you should wake up feeling restored, if not, you may need therapy.

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