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The hormones your uterus produces

A healthy uterus is one with it's hormones intact...wait, does that statement take you by surprise?! We always refer to the ovary as being an endocrine organ meaning that it produces substances that can affect other organs. In the case of the ovary, there are the two most important hormones (out of dozens) that this organ produces: estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones control whether you go into menopause.

So that in fact, just removing the uterus, and leaving the ovaries doesn’t produce menopause.

But did you know that your uterus, to be more specific, the lining of your uterus (the endometrium) is also an endocrine organ producing a wide array of endocrine molecules that can regulate body functions. The lining of the uterus produces three important lipids including prostaglandins, seven important cytokines including a leukemia-inhibiting factor, and two does peptide hormones including one that is like the parathyroid hormone, growth factors, and one that is like the hormone from our hypothalamus that regulates the whole menstrual cycle.

Normal hormone production by the uterus occurs with normal menstrual cycles. If you bleed normally most of these hormones are secreted in low levels that do not get into your blood stream. If you bleed heavily, these hormones might get over produced and get into levels that require treatment. This is in fact what happens when you take ibuprofen or another NSAID for cramps, it’s treating the over-produced prostaglandin from the lining.

If you suspect your uterine hormones are off then come in to Women’s Health Practice for a consultation to discuss!

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