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Tests you should get if you think you have excess face and body hair

1. Most women will have either idiopathic: it's your genetics and nothing 'wrong' or PCOS as a cause of excess body hair.

2. There are rare causes of excess face and body hair you may want to get checked out for.

3. Your gyno will want to know about changes in your menstrual cycle and your weight.

4. Pay attention to any new supplements or medications, you may need to be tested for other medication.

5. What is your family history.

6. When did this excess hair occur, excess hair that formed in puberty is less likely to be an issue.

7. Odd genetics can be linked to excess hair. It is a thing that you may genetically have some Y-chromosome mosaicism.

8. Adrenal hormone disease can cause excess body hair. These hormones can be tested.

9. Male hormone producing tumors, generally would be of the ovary, can produce excess hair. Blood testing for this is available.

10. Excess hair is as likely in black as in white women, the causes of unwanted hair, likewise, are the same.

11. Hair loss may have a different medical reason than excess hair growth.

12. Hair growing into your butt crack may be due to local trauma or infection, and that can be evaluated.

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