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It may surprise you to know what estrogen and testosterone does to your hair

As ubiquitous as hormonal effects are, it surprises some women to know that hair growth on your head is the least responsive to hormones in your system. This is not true of the hair that is specifically responsive to your hormones estrogen and testosterone, known as sexual hair. That hair is on your face, the lower abdomen, your thighs, the chest, your breasts, the pubic area, and under your arms. Here's what you need to know.

1. Progesterone has minimal hair effect. those compounds in contraceptives called progesterones, those are testosterone derivatives, and behave differently.

2. Testosterone determined the thickness and color of your hair during puberty and those characteristics are set from that time. For guys the amount of testosterone at puberty determines their beard characteristics.

3. Estrogen and testosterone work opposite on hair follicles

4. Testosterone initial hair growth, thicken the hair, darken the hair, and speed the growth, remember this is not really the effect on the scalp, it's for all those areas mentioned above!

5. Estrogens will lead to slower growing hair finer hair.

6. Hair shedding is when natural hair loss and growth cycles synchronize up and suddenly produce a mass lost. That sudden loss is more common in pregnancy when estrogen and progesterone levels are very high.



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