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What is a Polyp of the Uterus and Why is it not Healthy?

The lining of the uterus is lush and carpet-like in most women, however locally thick tissue can out-pouch into a teardrop shaped structure. These growths are called polyps. Generally they are not cancerous, but some experts still think if ignored they can develop into a cancer. Polyps are not healthy for the lining of the uterus as they can cause problems with your menstrual periods, cramping and discharge in some cases, mid-cycle bleeding in other cases. A polyp can interfere with pregnancy and cause infertility by not allowing proper egg implantation. Some are quite tiny, only found by ultrasound or even water tests of the uterus. Others are found by pelvic examination with tissue actually protruding through the cervix, as this very large polyp was; although the medical history from the patient is that she was seen and only underwent an ultrasound that missed the cause of the problem. Although large, this polyp was not cancerous. It's a reason to always get a pelvic examination at the time of any unusual bleeding, and for that matter, be sure to get them yearly!

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