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Do this to avoid hot flashes

For women with hot flashes they are treatable. Severe symptoms will require medication, for those with mild symptoms they should try life style and simple modifications like your diet, your activity, your clothing, and your weight. Paced breathing is one of the best strategies to try, but you need to do it twice a day, and it's best if also combined with muscle relaxation techniques. As part of dietary modification look at your caffeine intake which definitely can worsen symptoms. When a bit of extra exercise and a bit of weight management doesn't work, look to medications. Hormones are a good alternative for many women and they likely will work the best for large populations of women. However we know that not everyone is a candidate for hormone solutions to hot flashes and we have other therapies that are used both on and off label. Brisdelle, which is 7.5 mg of paroxetine had become the first prescription, non-hormonal therapy for moderate to severe hot flashes associated with menopause. Not all women are suitable for this therapy, some medications such as SSRIs for depression can serve a dual purpose of treatment of hot flashes. The novelest hormonal therapy, actually is a very unique combination of new medications, called Duavee has Premarin and bazedoxifene which incorporated bone protection, anti-breast cancer effect, as well as avoids any progesterone in the regimen.. Untreated hot flashes have significant effects on moods and memory and weight as well as other health consequences and it's time your gabbed with your gyno to decide what to do.

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