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The definition of a normal menstrual period

How do you know if your period is normal? The number of days tells you that for one, about 9/10 women will have cycles that last between 24 to 35 days and bleed for about 4-6 days. If you just began to get your period, your cycles should have become regular in the first 5-7 years.Interestingly although we bleed for days, about half of all the bleeding is in the first 24 hours which is why women with heavy periods have so much trouble that very first day. Results have been released of a new treatment for those with heavy menstrual periods. An investigational product called tranexamic acid-modified and her writing group at the Carolina Women’s Research and Wellness Center at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Chicago, May 4-6th 2010. The women studied at research sites from across the country all had blood loss above the normal upper limit of 80 ml prior to medication use. And as a group menstrual blood loss dropped down almost 70 ml per menstrual period vs the control group patients who only lost about 13 ml less. Side effects were minimal and out of 187 subjects three dropped out due to nausea, anemia and heavy bleeding in the control group and two in the treatment group one from palpitations and one irregular menses. This is a new approach for women seeking control of menses, and the medication was only given during the heavy bleeding and for no more than 5 days. The Women’s Health Practice Clinical Team was proud to be a part of this exciting study and we want to thank those women who participated with us.Now we'd like to extend a hand to women who might benefit from this treatment which is now FDA approved called Lysteda, and have you come in for a consultation to see if it would be right for you.

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