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Sperm allergies do exist

1. Most women are not allergic to sperm, but some women might have an allergy to some of the proteins in semen.

2. The symptoms will usually start quickly after the exposure to sperm or semen, within about 10-30 minutes.

3. Skin is more sensitive in general to allergens, and the symptoms more typically are right at the vaginal opening rather than deep in the vagina.

4. It may occur the first time some one has sex, or after you have had several partners.

5. An allergy to sperm or semen presents much like any allergy. Some of the symptoms might be rashes, bleeding, itching, or irritation, or actual pain after exposure to semen. Other worse symptoms can be actual redness, swelling, asthma, arthritis, blistering or breathing problems.

6. Diagnosis is difficult as no current tests usually pick up the allergy. But can be suspected if the symptoms only are after intercourse and are getting progressively worse with exposure to the partner you are allergic to.

If you think this is occuring, time to visit the gyno. 217-356-3736.


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