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Why you now have a moustache!

Hair is very hormone sensitive. Just ask any pregnant woman, she'll give you a whole run down. Some hipsters are very proud of the quick and thick facial hair they can produce, but then again for women...well new appearance of moustache in a female can be a bit, well, concerning.

We all have that ying and yang balance of male and female, and each of these hormones, will synchronize with other aspects of our health and can cause effects on the hair follicle.

If you are suddenly developing a a moustache that you've never had before you may be suffering from menopause. If you have had one, maybe it's PCOS. Both can be checked out by your gyno, and both can be treated.

Before menopause our ovaries make both estrogen and testosterone. And a bit of the boy gene along with a bit of the girl gene is just what our gyno recommended: for our personality.

But when it comes to hormones: most women function, and have the best effect on all their skin when their balance is keeping those male hormones in check.

If there you have too many male hormones relative to your female hormones the patient can show the physical effects such as unwanted hair, male baldness, acne or deepened voice, and it's more likely to be due to minor imbalances rather than massively high male hormone blood levels.

Some women will get unwanted hair growth that occurs if the male hormones are too intense, and condition is called hirsutism. If the imbalance becomes even more dramatic, then the skin can show other these other male hormone effects including acne that can be the cystic type that leads to scaring, and male-pattern balding (androgenic alopecia).

Most commonly the acne occurs from that place in the gland where bacteria invade. The hormonal stimulus triggers the plug that keeps bacteria in and allows a pimple to form. So to calm these down: head both to a gynecologist and your aesthetician!

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