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Did you do this to boost your memory today?

Our Morning Jo does help us think and now a new company is trying to help us improve brain function with coffee or other drinks. We have still recommended that our patients focus attention on how to improve our brain by recommending brain games and prevention of cholesterol problems that would potentially affect the circulation of the brain. Sleep also clearly affects brain health, and it's important for women over the age of menopause to avoid night sweats and hot flashes. Your mind and your body are connected in another way, through physical fitness. Focus memory though exercise, now some of this research has been applied to the healthy as well. In a simple study of memory, Lisa Weinberg, a psychology graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology showed that brief resistance exercise done immediately after a visual learning task enhances episodic memory by about 10%. Aerobics are good for the heart and overall longevity and disease prevention, but for brain boost and even some stress reduction, pumping some iron, or getting resistance thorough machine use will actually be the ticket to better thinking. Medscape reports that the study was published in the October issue of Acta Psychologica. Acta Psychol. 2014;153:13-19. Abstract .We suggest you visit your primary care provider to get cleared for the types of exercise and the amount of exercise you can do and get followed for the benefits to your body composition as well, meaning your muscle to fat ratio, so that your metabolism improves. While you improve your heart, your energy levels, your body shape, don't forget, you are improving your mind!

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