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Peptide Boost for Optimal Skin Health

Peptide products can be an important boost for your optimal skin health. To understand what you may be looking for here are some facts we tell our clients at Hada Cosmetic Medicine.

  1. Peptide skin care products can be a stand alone antiaging product or it can boost your current skin care regimen.

  2. Photodamage causes the skin to release MMP and collagenase that are the actual substances that breakdown the collagen and elastin in your skin causing it to wrinkle or thin. Actually this process can help wound healing when it proceeds normally. But aging and sun can dysregulate the process so that it becomes harmful rather than protective.

  3. Damaging fragments of collagen prevent the collagen fibers from being long, stretchy and youthful. These collagen fibers are called gelatin. The gelatin then glues to the elastin, and in the areas known as the extracellular matrix, these complexes are lumpy and unhealthy for the skin. Peptides heal the process and get the fragments to line up.

  4. Fibroblast cells similarly have to elongate to help the collagen fibers be healthy and aligned properly. If the fibroblasts aren’t healthy they will roll up and be inactive. The rolled up fibroblasts will not be able to self repair collagen.

  5. While other antiaging products build the collagen, build the elastin, build hyaluronic acid, protect against pigmentation; the peptides can be thought of enhancing the skins natural detoxification system and actually clearing out the worn collagen.

  6. The Alastin system uses peptides and botanicals to boost the health of your skin and stabilize the environment of the extracellular components between skin cells

  7. The top three ways to use your peptides:

  • As an adjunct to your anti-aging sequence, after your TNS, after your Vitamin C product

  • Post procedure, the right type of peptide, the formulation, and whether to include the peptides in cleaning, balms, moisturizing or other post procedure products will be determined by your provider.

  • Environmental protection: spending time in a congested city, add peptides to your travel regimen

  • Healing after photodamage, sun exposure or excessive heat


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