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What a trillionth of a second can do for your skin

We can measure our skin care regimen in seconds and minutes, but only in the medspa can you measure your treatments by fractions of a second. Laser technology has learned that it's the amount of time that the treatment is delivered to your skin that can be used for maximum benefits!

The use of the PicoSure treatment fires in a very rapid short sequence of time, the picosecond. Since picosecond is trillionth of a second there is little thermal energy into the skin. So the treatment maximizes what we are trying to do for the skin, and minimizes those features that would slow healing, and not benefit your skin.

Skin brightening is determined by many factors, one factor is to get the proper light reflection by getting the young tone and color back into your skin. Sometimes we see what appears to be black dots in our skin, those black dots called the black head is not an impacted pimple but dead skin and old melanin pigment in the pore and this treatment can help clear those lesions. By getting started in your 20s you have brighter, better tone and you have ‘set the stage’ for preventative care. By using these treatments as we get older the benefits are in reversing the aging of the skin.

Fillers and botox have dramatic effects, but neither filler and toxin can completely with loss of dermal elastin, and cannot get beyond that until you improve the skin. Both the use of light based laser therapies and skin care products can help with that.

755 nm so favors melanin over hemoglobin. We know from tattoo use the PicoSure treatments are different than some laser therapies, it is through the use of photomechanical therapy not heat. It is a fractionated beam so thousands of pieces of light in dermis. Many publications showing safety in all types of skin.


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