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Bladder Infection Treatment: Getting it Right

1. Women need the right drug when they have an infection in their bladder. If you have a UTI you are most likely to get better if the antibiotic you are given actually treats the organism you have become infected with. I see too many women who crop up with one infection after another, and having been treated by a variety of medicines that didn't cure the problem.

2. Guessing what drug and switching is not ideal if you aren't actually getting your urine tested. We say don't hop from place to place and drug to drug to treat anything gyno, not yeast or vaginal infections, so getting a culture is important. Getting a culture test is helpful, but it should mean that you need to check to see if the treatment antibiotic you have been given is the treatment you should have. So if that crucial link between culture and results and antibiotic had been broken, and you don't know if you have the right medication. Yes, many infections will resolve regardless of the result and regardless of the drug, but often it's the wrong bug antibiotic which is the reason they don

3. Other girl part conditions can produce chronic bladder infections. Gyno Gab Gal saw several patients this week that had been running in to various quick care places to get the UTI check ups. Cultures were done, but often other complaints had not been checked: is your uterus enlarged with fibroids so you aren't getting empty each time you pee, do you actually have an ovarian cyst, do you have prolapse of your uterus , do you also have a vaginal infection, do you have sensitivity to the antibiotic you were given?

4. So do get a primary gyno, and have her check your results when tests are done, and make sure the drug you take is the drug you need and no complicating factors. If that still doesn't work it's time to take antibiotics after sex, as if you try this for about 6-12 months, it's 95% certain that you will be off this treadmill of seeking medications. Women's Health Practice

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