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You Need To Do This to Avoid UTIs

If you are getting UTI's here are some newer strategies that can help you avoid UTIs and most have the added benefit of avoiding vaginal infections as well. We still want you to drink enough water, and try as a general rule to urinate after having sex. Definitely, if getting symptoms of burning, pain, bleeding anyway, it's time to come in for consultation.

1. Avoid antibiotics, while it seems odd to say, we all have a roll in the overuse of antibiotics and let your health care provider understand you want to prevent antibiotic use. However, those who need to appropriately use antibiotics after sex, should. At the end of the day, avoiding infections is the goal.

2. Change your contraception and your sexual behaviors: spermicide use, diaphragm use definitely increases risk for UTIs; and read labels condom use is also implicated, especially condoms with spermicide.

4. ?Cranberry juice — like fashion, sometimes it’s in sometimes its not. If you want to avoid the calories of juice you can try the pills, however the sugar in this juice may actually be the reason it works. Regular consumption of cranberry juice is not considered routine any longer as many studies have been inconclusive to it’s ability to help, but all agree: not harmful unless you are upping your total sugar carb intake which is not helpful.

5. Make sure you have healthy vaginal tissue. You need an exam to determine this, so another reason to have your yearly check up, and don't skip just because this is not a pap year.

6. Preventative health treatments in vaginal health is now one of the best strategies. Heat based therapies such as ThermiVa RF and MonaLisa Touch CO2 therapy are low risk, if don't for maintenance can be affordable in conjunction with a gyno visit, and can be done without whole treatment regimens that require

7. You need gut health balance. Probiotic use, good on so many levels, at least consume in foods such as yogurt regularly, there are many available products and make sure you are using a reputable one.

8. Use of antiseptics, US used to have Urex, there is still a product called Hiprex the ingredient is methenamine salt, again some physicians will not endorse

9. Another over the counter product is called D-mannose. It is a sugar that may prevent bacteria from attaching to the surface of your bladder. Studies have not been particularly effective, but it is not considered harmful and many urologists are recommending.

10. Caffeine? Well, conflicting diet advice with respect to coffee and tea consumption and urinary tract infections, we think you need hydration, so be sure to balance caffeine with water!

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