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Chamomile tea is no substitute for sex!

There's been a lot written lately on sexual dysfunction and about 43% of the female population will suffer from sexual dysfunction, of some sort. But the worst news: many of these women this abnormal is normal!

It is not right to think that curling up with your favorite night time tea is as great a preparation for sleep as sex!

For many women who used to have orgasms they now think that little sex and no orgasms is a natural consequence of aging and relationships. It's not clear where women got the idea that lack of sex is normal, or why they have this idea,but clearly more research is necessary, yet some facts are clear.

Don't be afraid to discuss sex with your gyno, no matter who you are! . It may be that women are afraid to say they'd like their sex to be better, but many women will express lack of understanding as to what is normal in terms of sexual desires, sexual fantasies and sexual behavior.

Women think that it's just normal to be happier relaxing with a nice cup of chamomile tea before bed rather than wanting some hot sex. So, girls, remember, sex is normal, it's healthy, and if you really prefer the tea to the alternatives: you need to talk to your gyno! And if you used to have orgasms and no longer have them, there may be treatments, therapies, or clinical studies that can help you address this concerns.

Contact Women's Health Practice Clinical Research Division at 217-356-3736 if you are interested in learning more.


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