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More about nutrition, less about the shake

Balance in your daily diet means just that: balance through choices! One of the key ingredients to a successful meal plan is to fill in gaps. Maybe you didn't take all your servings of veggies or protein. In hot weather, protein shakes are definitely the answer, but in the winds of winter, or torrents of April showers, maybe you aren't reaching for that daily shake to fill in some gaps. I suggest reworking some favorite recipes with your protein powder mixed in. Read the label, go for 20-25 g of protein at least, and convert your favorites into a vitamin packed 'more paleo' version! Here's my version of the Love and Lemmon's Double chocolate zucchini muffins with some Vega One powder (I used this chocolate so 'triple chocolate!) mixed in. I suggest for workout recovery or breakfast and of course for me delicious dessert tonight! Waffles, banana breads, and even apple crisps can work great with the make overs! Post your idea of what to do.

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