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Break the diet roadblock

As we help women achieve and maintain a healthy body composition, muscle mass as well as a genetically appropriate BMI, we see too many people in the middle of a successful lifestyle change of diet, suddenly struggling to maintain the pace of weight loss.

Understanding some of the hormonal and physiological causes of diet roadblock can help guide us to a solution.

Hormones pay a role in the regulation of weight and food consumption. These are hormones that most of us have never heard of, don't understand, and do not discuss with our providers.

When you begin a diet you find that you lose weight, but as you go on watching your calories you find that weight loss slows, and in some cases that weight gain resumes.

When we eat food, normally when we are not trying to gain or lose weight as we at the leptin hormone from our fat decreases, the ghrelin from the stomach increases, the hormones glucagon-like peptide-1, cholecystokinin, and peptide YY from our intestine, and insulin and amylin from the pancreases all decrease.

Those effects help regulate the signal to regulate the food intake and regulate aspects of our metabolism. If we look at those same levels after weight loss as early as 10 weeks into a diet some of these same hormone levels change so their effects are paradoxically changed to produce more hunger and makes you less feeling full after eating.

If you were able to keep these hormones elevated you would have more satisfaction from your food, feeling fuller after you eat, less feelings of hunger between meals, and as a result be able to eat less and maintain balanced weight loss.

The trigger to get these hormones pointing in the right direction? Partial fasting, increased exercise, Myer's cocktails, breathing exercises, medications, physical exercise, CoolSculpting and Slim Shots can all help you be successful. Helping you fight the roadblocks these gut and fat hormones present mid diet as you struggle with weight issues and factors that are beyond your control we want to talk to you.


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