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How do you know if your condom broke?

Contraception and STD protection are both excellent with condoms, but what happens if the condom breaks. That's the reason for discussing specific contraception strategies with your gyno as well as getting on other methods. In a review from the journal Contraception, condom failures are due to all sorts of condom failures, breaks, and even disintegration of the material. Yes, unfortunately, exploded pieces laying around in the bed after sex, that’s a pretty good sign. So yes, most often, not a trick question at all. But scientific researchers with their headlamps, their magnifying scopes, and their swabs have a whole different take on the question. So what do they test for? PSA. Prostate-specific antigen. It only occurs in men. If found in the vagina after sex protected by a condom, you guessed right: LEAKAGE! Now with the female condom, slippage, invaginating (sort of folding inward), or the penis just going around it, breaking is not the only calamity! And a bit of PSA, perhaps if it doesn’t lead to pregnancy, is it so bad? Well, a group of experts meeting in Arlington, Virgina last summer have been struggling with this concept! And I think they’ve come up with some good sounding solutions. For instance, they’d like each patient to try at least 5 condoms of each type and compare. There’s a few clarifications I’d like to have though once I buy their tested condoms. For example. They are wanting a record of “number of times of misdirection” when using the female condom. I’m wondering, do these tester guys not learn anything, or do they just think it’s plain funny? I'm pondering my recommendations. Here it is: Belt and suspenders: Pills and Condoms.


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