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#RealWorldEvidence Call your gyno if you have these signs

There are certain symptoms, while not necessarily cancer, can none the less can be serious and need attention. Some have labeled cancers as silent, and certainly some are very difficult to diagnose. But we feel some my be just a bit quiet. Cancer signs may truly be revealed if listening to your body, so here are some signs to listen to, and report to your gyno. Most women with these symptoms will not have cancer, but there are other serious conditions that can cause these signs and symptoms as well. Spread the word to help your gyno's to promote #RealWordEvidence

1. Abnormal Bleeding

2. Pelvic Pain

3. Bleeding After Sex

4. Bleeding After Menopause

5. Abdominal Swelling

6. Unexplained Weight Loss

7. Pain With Sex

8. Abnormal Feeling of Fullness

9. Vulvar Sore that Will Not Heal

10. Hard Lump In the Abdomen

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